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  Part A
  You are the organizer of an English speech contest,and you want to invite a foreign teacher in your school to be a judge.Write an email to him,
  1.telling him about the contest(time,location,topic,etc.);
  2.expressing your hope for his participation and his reply to your message.
  You should write approximately 100 words.Do not use your own name at the end of your email.Use"Wang Lin"instead.
  Dear Mr.Smith,
  I am the organizer of an English speech contest.Recently,an English speech contest on the topic of"Should college students work at part time?"will be held in the auditorium(Room 101)at 2 p.m.on Wednesday after-noon(April 6).We know that you are a popular teacher among students.If it is convenient for you,we would like to invite you to be the judge of this contest.Please let us know as soon as possible if you can come.I am loo-king forward to your further reply.Best wishes for you.
  Yours Sincerely,

  Part B
  Below is a picture illustrating a man frustrated by rude remarks on his posts online.Write an essay of about 120 words making reference to the following points:
  1.the phenomenon and causes of online rudeness;
  2.your comments on the problem.

  Stop Online Rudeness
  From the picture we can find a man is criticized by many people on the Internet.Nowadays our daily lives depend so much on the Intemet that it seems we can not live without it.The Interuet brings us lots of advantages and convenience.But every coin has two sides.It also brings us online rudeness.Sometimes we are criticized just because we say something wrong.
  Why on earth is there more and more online rudeness?On the one hand,there are no relative laws to regulate people's online behaviors.On the other hand,the people on the Internet are virtual.We don't know who they really are.In this case,people can do or say anything they like online.Online rudeness is generally something that people should avoid.Since people would like to be treated with respect,they should treat others that way.
  So,be polite on the Intemet.



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